Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Julian helps with land clearance

Flying in from the UK, poor Julian didn't have much time to get over his jet-lag before he was put to work. On a couple of hot summer days Julian and myself got to work clearing a view to the southeast. Together we felled around 10 large oaks and now the sky to the southeast has opened up with views of the distant mountains and golf course. I will post a video walkthrough to show-off the first major views from the site! Thank you, Julian!!!

This picture also shows the makeshift "shed" that stores the tools on site. Made up of cut logs from the site, the "shed" is technically the first "building" on the site!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

New Design Sketches

Some new design ideas from the architect team that integrate the tree house into the main building. Some nice ideas here. Any thoughts greatly welcomed!

SEPTEMBER 12th 2010 UPDATE: See how these sketches look in a mock-up 3d design

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Considering importing a Thermobuilt house

I have been considering using the the Florida Company Thermobuilt for some time now. Great innovative construction idea with super insulation properties. The above video shows how a thermobuilt house is put together. My architects are currently in contact with the Thermobuilt founder Carl Hebinck.

I will keep the site updated on how these talks proceed. Ultimately, it would be great to source and cut the EPS here in Japan, but the efficiency of the global shipping network may not mean this is cost effective for just one house.