Tuesday, 17 January 2012

RC Helicopter Surveys Lake Views!

So it has been a just over a year since I bought the land and the house permits are almost ready and the build soon to begin! Now is the last opportunity to confirm the placement of windows and the final design features. As much of the house is designed around the views, including window placement and the roof terrace, I have always wanted a way of seeing from the final height of the building. In particular, I have been hoping that I will get a view of the lake from the 2nd floor windows and of course the roof terrace.

Not having a crane handy though, it has not been possible to check out what the scenery looks like at 4.5m (standing up on the 2nd floor), or at 7.5m (standing up on the roof terrace).

So you might imagine my excitement when I saw that there was an automated drone selling on amazon for around 300USD that could fly and take movies of what it saw.

I quickly purchased this flying seeing-eye robot and today put it through its paces. Got some great shots today that SEEM to suggest that I will (1) certainly get the lake from the roof terrace, and (2) may be able to see it from the 2nd floor windows.

Trouble was that it was pretty gusty a couple of meters into the air and it was difficult to get a consistent altitude reading as the copter bobbed up and down in the wind. Will try again on a much stiller day.

Check out the first video and pause as it goes through seconds 22-26 --I think 25 shows the lake at 4.7m. Video quality isn't great, but you get the idea??

This next video shows a great crash about halfway through, but you again see the lake between 17-18 seconds (4.5ish meters) and get a great views as the wind catches the drone between 42-45 seconds. Altitude stays at around 6m though so not sure if these views are really a reflection of that height. Again, will check on a calmer day. Great fun!

Final House Layout Mapped onto Land

Sugie-san, Tsuge-san and Murase-san spent this morning very kindly packing away the storage tent and marking out the outline of the house on the land. Here is a walk through! What a beautiful sunny day it was too!