Friday, 2 May 2014

The House in the Landscape

It was always the idea to keep the house lines and design in tune with the forest and mountain landscape. Shots from the road on an early Spring morning walk...

Preparing the Way

Okumura-san who dug the foundations 2 years ago stopped by to say hello. Poor chap arrived just as I was hand-digging the path way to the house. Wasn't too difficult to convince him to unload the digger to give me a hand! Saved me two days of manual labour!! Many thanks!

Rain Water Collection

This shot of the house from the mountainside to the east where the rain water tank that collects water from the roof terrace has just been placed.

Guttering Complete

That was scary! Top of a high ladder for a few hours was enough. Doesn't look too bad or detract as much as I thought from the minimalist facade.

Guttering about to go up

Been a year or more and finally getting around to putting guttering on the north side. Looks better without I think but will stop the deluge of water that floods the front garden.