Monday, 13 September 2010

Lots more thoughts on design...

Been working some more on the design and taking the best from the architects' ideas. I am returning to the idea of a separate "hanare" (building/tree house), mainly because of the views that the gap between the two buildings allows out to the lake from the second floor. The space underneath the study is, oh yes, the rotenburo (or outside hot hub)!

I think this all works pretty well although now that I have my indoor/outdoor space between the two buildings I don't need it so much in the entrance courtyard, so may revisit some earlier options.

I am thinking that I will build the "hanare" entirely by myself, while the main house will perhaps be a factory-made kit that I put together with a carpenter and some friends on the site.

All the felled trees around the property can be used for decking and fencing.


  1. I like the idea of using old shipping containers: v. strong, weather proof, v. cheap & recycling. I also like basements. How about this:
    Get 2 * shipping containers, 40' long, 8' wide, 8' or 9'6" high = 59sqm
    Bury them with the open end flush with the mountain face (sealed with full height glass that doesn't open).
    Arrange them to stretch back under the 16sqm room and further under the rest of the house. On the 'roof' of the containers, make a decking balcony to join that 16sqm room to the mountain edge (with railings!).
    Very James Bond.

    The container basement would be excellent for home theatre, storm shelter, plant room (kit like ground source heat pump etc. to keep the main living area as quite as poss.)

    If 59 sq m is too much extra space, you could use 20' containers, but the longer ones would be more able to stick out proud of the mountain face.

    I could try and do a sketch if you like.

  2. Sounds great, Phil! Actually, I have looked into shipping containers before. Only problem is that I am not allowed to build within 1m of the edge of the property. Although I guess I could just sneak them in there!