Monday, 31 January 2011

New Renderings from the Architects

Some nice professional renderings from the architects. Not quite perfect yet but we are getting there!

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  1. Hello,

    After looking through your blog I felt compelled to comment on these latest designs. I don't want to tell anybody how to design your house but just to comment, it seems like the roof is extremely over complicated. There are too many hips and awkward connections that occur and they don't seem to represent the spaces below accurately. You might try to simplify the roof to match/represent the spaces below better. Give each wing of your 2nd floor it's own roof form instead of trying to force them to an apex at the center. This will probably help define it on the exterior as well.

    If code allows in your neighborhood, you could consider bringing light into the atrium space on your 2nd floor by raising the roof in that area. You could put in a roof monitor or clerestory windows. I can't tell what the dashed red line means so you may be up against code restrictions. Just a thought.

    Not to be nit picky, but the eaves also seem suspectfully thin in the renderings. You will have at least 6" or 7" (...inches, yes, I'm an American) of structure at the end of your overhang. Maybe look into some wall sections to clarify that part. Again, the roof is as important part of the house as the walls and spaces.

    You have a great lot, keep working on it. Getting the house you want is very important. Take care and enjoy the journey.

    designer / home builder
    Texas, USA