Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cousin Phill Comes to Japan to Jump Start House Systems

(from left) Phill, Jamila, Prof. Fujita and Michiko
planting clover seeds on East side of house
Following in the footsteps of Olivia and David's visit (story to come), my cousin Phill arrived from Jersey, UK, to spend almost a month helping to put the house in shape.

During his time Phil hooked up several new electric lines, introduced a system of home automation, did plumbing jobs, solved logistical and engineering problems of all kinds and helped to keep me sane through this stressful time. Can never thank Phill enough for the help he gave and time he put into the project.

This video diary documents some of the developments through the month of August.

Electric hook up from the street comes in to give house full 220v power

View of the house from the street.

Phill fits mini-tank hot-water heater under island sink.

Electrical and plumbing tool boxes help the jobs along.

Main kitchen sink plumbed and electric to the trash mincer.

Living room looking like a living room for the first time. Chairs courtesy of the Fujitas!

View from the roof terrace (east).

View from the roof terrace (south).

View from the roof terrace (south).

View from the roof terrace (north).

View from the roof terrace down onto the make-shift decking.

Phill under the floor. Not a pleasant place to be.

Trap door in Japanese room.

Emerging from hooking up electric wires under floor.

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