Saturday, 9 July 2016

Harvesting local Hinoki for Interior Furnishings

Apologies for the long delay in posting to the blog! I have been doing a lot around the house and community, including harvesting planks from felled Hinoki (Japanese cypress trees). Here is a shot of a chainsaw frame being pushed through a felled log in order to create the planks.

More updates coming soon!

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  1. Hi -Great plans for your carbon neutral house. But have just realized you have finished or almost finished. I was going to comment to suggest the addition of some green (living) roof area(s) - if any area is free and not too steep. We completed a low impact house in Shiga 3 yrs ago and have a number of green rooves on small outbuildings - but on the main house as that space is used for solar panels. If interested, our build features and performance etc are here Will be interested to explore your site more - Cheers - Iain