Sunday, 25 July 2010

Massive Oak Felled on a Morning that Opened Up the Sky

This was the morning that opened up the sky. The tall trees that have been blocking the southern exposure have finally begun to be felled. Because of their size, felling these trees needs a fair sized gang of people, with a reliable leader, professional felling crew and their supporters. Thanks to Prof. Fujita's networks and to my immediate neighbor's family, we got ourselves together just such a crew.

The Crew (left to right) Mrs. Fujita, Mrs. Simizu, Mr. Nobuta, Prof. Fujita, Me, Mr. Uneo (taken by Miki)

So, here are some great pictures and a video from a morning of tree felling. The video and pictures were masterly taken by Miki, the daughter of my immediate neighbor, Mrs. Simizu. Miki works in the film industry and one can tell from the skill of the camera work! The video shows us taking down the largest oak on the property. The oak is being pulled by the new hand winch and has already been sawed by Mr. Nobuta. Watch this monster come down and take the top part of the Japanese Cyprus next to it down with it!

A huge thanks to all those who helped this morning! Mr. Nobuta came up especially to lend a professional hand to the felling; Mrs. Simizu and daughter Miki helped to clear the trees once felled, Mrs. Fujita helped to keep us hydrated, Mr. Ueno provided an extra hand and chainsaw and Prof. Fujita was our great leader as always.

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