Saturday, 10 July 2010

New Hand Winch Will Seal the Deal

When the rain hasn't been pouring (rainy season) I have been chopping down trees with my newly received chainsaw.

Clearing some of the trees on the south side of the land, however, is a job for a professional tree surgeon, and bringing such pros is expensive.

Prof. Fujita has recommended I meet an ex-student of his who is a professional but would fell trees as a favor.

I met Mr. Nobuto this morning and he came to look at the lay of the land. He said that with a hand winch to control the felling direction, he could do all the trees that Fujita and I identified as needing cutting.

On returning to Fujita's house, we found this hand winch on the internet ($670). Prof. Fujita and I will share the cost, and as such this represents my second official purchase. The winch will come in handy for a range of tree felling in the future, and can of course be used for other applications too.

I am constantly touched by the generosity of Fujita and other neighbours. Hiring professionals to achieve what we will have achieved on land clearance alone by the end of the month would have cost thousands. Due to the kindness of these folks, a bit of my own sweat and around $300 on a hand winch and $300 on a bush cutter (both of which are items which will be used into the future) the land will be ready for the house within a couple of weeks!

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