Monday, 28 June 2010

Build with Japanese Cyprus from Owase?

Had a great chat with Prof. Fujita about the possibility of using Japanese Cyprus (Hinoki) as the main material for the house. Japanese Cyprus (here on wikipedia) has wonderful lemon scent and is highly resistant to rot. It is also highly prized here in Japan and often used to build castles and temples--a "Hinoki" built house will retain significant value and garner interest if I ever come to sell the place.

Being the highest quality lumber that Japan provides, Hinoki is, traditionally, incredibly expensive. However, Fujita's ex-student owns a company down in the famous Hinoki-growing Owase district (see map) which is only 100km or so away from my house. Owase Hinoki is the top of the range stuff and Fujita thinks he can get me a good introduction to some pros who work in the wood market in this area thus saving me a good deal of money and making it a viable option for the build. Link to a regional Owase association for Hinoki growing (Japanese).

Also found some interesting design ideas for hinoki houses on a site linked to from the Owase Hinoki association:

And as another aside, here is a possible idea for a curved roof section that could connect the main building to the separate apartment.

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