Monday, 28 June 2010

Some ideas for the east wing (separate apartment)

(edit: why not compare these designs with the latest design?)

(New view from North showing how the tall East wing will look from the road)

Been working a little on the East Wing of the house. The idea is that the first floor will be "shared" when there are separate occupants (perhaps as a utility room or some such). There will be stairs from the first floor to the second (not shown in these designs) that will be shut off by a locked door when separately occupied. The second floor can thus be a separate small apartment with deck space accessible from the roof of the main body of the house. There will also be loft space for a small study and access out to 3rd floor roof terrace.

New view from South

New view from the South East) 

Floor Plans (draft versions, no stairs or final internal layouts)

1st Floor
2nd Floor

3rd Floor

Been using !Punch Design Software again for this. See shots prior to these designs here.

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