Saturday, 19 June 2010

An Italian and Japanese Architectural Collaboration

Took a trip down to the land yesterday with one of my architects, Salvator-John Liotta. It was great to have John here again for the first time since the team came down to see the site for the first time around 6 months ago. The team of architects was put together by my old friend Matteo Dario Paolucci (who was a student of Venetian architect Nubar Gianighian), and consists of Salvator-John, Matteo, and Tomoko Matsushita. Tomoko's office ( will provide the schematic drawings.
John and I spent some time thinking about how to lay out the design ideas I came up with in the last post. Drawing out lines in the grass helped us to consider the layout and use of space.
Salvator-John Liotta

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