Saturday, 19 June 2010

Retired Forestry Professor, Fujita, helps to explore and manage land

Some months ago my neighbour Yoshiko arranged a meeting of the immediate household to discuss asking the development company to cut some of the trees in the area. As the future land owner of this plot she invited me along and it was here that we all met with Professor Fujita and his wife. The Fujitas live very close by on a plot similar to mine (on the edge of the mountain). Fujita is a retired cell biologist who was professor in the forestry department at Kyoto University. He is an expert in detecting tree disease and has a professional interest in forestry and land management. He also loves walking and managing the mountain land.
Fujita has gone a long way to making me fall in love with this plot. He has pointed out the exceptional private access to a mountain ridge which leads down into a "private forest valley". While my architect Salvator-John was visiting, Fujita appeared from this mountain path. "Amazing!" he exclaimed, "beautiful path all the way down to the bottom of the valley, you won't need to do much to make that your own private forest!" Intriged, John and I followed him back down the path. He was right. Fantastic! I will take some photos for the blog soon.
Fujita stayed a while after our short explore. He is currently marking trees to be felled on the site and will arrange for some other neighbours to help chop them down and into firewood. I will donate a third of the wood to the neighbours in return. A bargain by any reckoning! Hail Professor Fujita!
Professor Fujita and Architect Salvator-John

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